ALog Shield

The ALog Shield is an conventional Arduino Uno compatible shield which is designed to provide many of the essential and common features of a data logger (RTC, SD card, reference resistors for thermistors, etc), while also providing the very user friendly screw terminal connections to the board.

This system was designed to allow users to either make a very cheap logger out of an Uno they already had, or to use as a low cost development platform for software which eventually would be transfered to a more integrated data logger.

ALog Shield


  • Full size SD card socket
  • Arduino Uno R3 compatible
  • RTC with battery backup
  • Reference resistor connectors for use of thermistors
  • On board push buttons and indicator LED
  • Robust, easy to use screw terminal breakouts

License: CC BY-SA 4.0
License: CC BY 4.0