The TP-DownHole is a low cost, robust, temperature and pressure sensing system, designed around a TE-Connectivity media isolated pressure sensor, and augmented with high resolution temperature measurement and protection circuitry to make it more easily usable by a variety of logger systems. The entire system is then encased in aerospace grade epoxy to achieve a fully submersible sensor and placed inside of a brass enclosure to protect against mechanical damage, resulting a surprisingly small, but robust sensor.

This sensor was designed for measuring water depth in measurement wells, but could be used in any application where it is desirable to measure pressure or depth of a liquid media.



  • Simple and common I2C interface
  • Input voltage: 3.3v ~ 5v
  • 3.3v logic
  • Reverse polarity protected power input
  • 0 ~ 2 Bar pressure range (0 ~ 5 Bar model optional)
  • 0.024 mBar (2.4mm H2O) pressure resolution
  • 18 bit temperature resolution (embedded thermistor)
  • Variable cable length, from 3m to 10m

License: CC BY-SA 4.0
License: CC BY 4.0