Humble Beginnings

Northern Widget was started by a group of friends who were bold enough to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, that good instrumentation and sensing equipment will always be expensive and difficult to interface. They felt there must be other ways, and started down a long path of open source hardware and software design which has spawned devices which are deployed on multiple continents around the globe.

A Moment In Time

Today Northern Widget is growing every day, with the addition of additional engineers and an expanded network of scientists who are involved in the design and development process, we are making more things than ever before with more input than ever before, which means the best products we have made yet!

A Far Reaching Future

We are ever expanding and always looking for the next need to fill in an exciting community of environmental sensing and monitoring which is growing faster than we can keep track.

The future is bright, but only remains so with the continued support of customers loyal to the idea that information should be open and available to all! Thank you for supporting open source development, together we can build a world of better things!

Open Source Development